Nash County Social Services

Public Assistance Programs
    Work First Family Assistance Economic Support Services provides financial and medical assistance to families in which children are deprived of the care and/or support of one or both parents. This is a mandated service.
    Work First Family Assistance Employment Services provides supportive services (Child Care and Transportation) through Case Management (Job Readiness, Job Search, Job Placement) for Work First Family Assistance clients entering into the workforce. This is a mandated service.
    Work First Family Assistance Emergency Assistance provides temporary financial assistance to families with minor children at risk of harm. This is a mandated county service.
    Medicaid pays medical bills for eligible elderly, disabled, low-income families with minor children, pregnant women, and indigent children. This is a mandated service.
    Medicaid Transportation pays for transportation to Medicaid covered treatment and services. This is a mandated service.
    COMMUNITY CARE of NORTH CAROLINA/Carolina ACCESS:  Under these programs, the Medicaid recipient is assigned to a primary care provider (PCP) who serves as the medical home.  The PCP manages care for continuity and ensures services are provided that are medically necessary.  The primary focus is to enroll every recipient into CCNC/CA with a preference to enroll into a CCNC/CA network.  
    The Food and Nutrition Services Program is a nutritional program that supplements low-income families with food stamp allotments through Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT). The employment and training aspect of the food stamp program requires certain able-bodied adults to register with the Employment Security Commission. This is a mandated service.
    Child Care is purchased from private daycare centers by the agency to ensure the safety of children while their parents attend educational and job training classes or participates in paid employment. This is a mandated service.
    Crisis Intervention Program offers limited financial assistance to eligible persons experiencing a heating or cooling related emergency. This is a mandated service.
    NC Health Choice is a health insurance program, which began 10/1/98, for families not eligible for Medicaid. Eligible families with minor children can obtain needed medical care through this program. This is a mandated service.
    Low Income Energy Assistance Program provides a one-time cash payment to help low-income eligible families pay their heating bills. This is a mandated service.
    Program Integrity is an investigation of cases of suspected fraud/abuse of Social Services Programs and is mandated.

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