Valley District

Residents of Pennsylvania can seek assistance and a range of services for themselves and their families from professionally trained staff members at county assistance offices.

Phone: (724) 379-1500
Address: 595 Galiffa Drive Donora, PA 15033
  • 2021-08-16

    i am ebt back on later ?

  • 2022-10-04

    I am to apply for benefits I Patricia Ann Drake Pay for out of my Federal & Occupational Lawsuit Settlement Professional LPN 1992/ RN 2000 ADN of 3yrs = 4yr BSN @ tolerance. This has been an ongoing case file assemble of attack. They have been sateliting my home (stolen to prevent existence and murder for them to use) . C Blyestone has set the movie stage illegally in October because Governor Tom Wolf and them have been illegally taking Patricia Ann Drake I casefile as if their rights with attack in October on Patricia Ann Drake I RN renewal. This has been since a child Railroader's baby daughter PA & Conrail, I Patricia Ann Drake working in Pa since age 10 in half, military (201.00) while they collected 1750.00 per month, Nursing LPN 1992 Rn 2000, they are still under the living and changing codes from SSD, SSP, SSi. I Patricia Ann Drake knows they are parasitic disease in social working of evolving on others. The reason Pa is a nasty life from previous life . No one can liver with these idiot leeches. Procreate without concern and dump their stupidest on everyone else. They are stalking through satelite TV world and attacking to prevent complying to create murder for their existing. Due on February, just in court over them sateliting real estate for their kind, once again their paper stalking. I Patricia Ann Drake have a federal Occupation and labor lawsuit settlement @ work LPN medical surgical a supra imposed injury, completed RN excel degree pay for mandate A medical of medicare medicaid , food yet I have to go through Welfare office as they eat like buzzers off my like. I am turning you Welfare office in and handing out your crow to eat to all of you.

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